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Write a main function to create objects of DISTANCE class. Input two distances and output the sum.



AIM: Write a c++ main function to create objects of distance class then input two distances and output the sum.


Develop a class to measure distance as feet (should be int), inches (should be float). Include member functions to set and get attributes. Include constructors. Develop functions to add two distances.


using namespace std;
class dist
   int feet,inch,x,y,z;
   void input()
      cout<<“enter feet and inches:”<<“\n”;
   void show()
      cout<<“The distance is “;
      cout<<feet<<” feet “<<inch<<” inch\n”;
   void sum(dist x,dist y)
int main()
   dist x,y,z;

Enter feet and inches:
6     3
Enter feet and inches:
3     11
The distance is: 10 feet and 2 inches

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