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Online Exam in Depreciation accounting for preparation of CA Foundation, CS Foundation, CMA Foundation, Class 11, Class 12, B com, IGNOU exams.

Mock test in Depreciation accounting covers types of depreciation, Depreciation Methods, Computation and Accounting Treatment of Depreciation, Change in Depreciation Methods


MCQ's in Depreciation accounting

Subject :- Fundamentals of Accounting & Auditing

Chapter :- Depreciation accounting – Test 2

Questions :- 25



depreciation methods are Straight Line Method, Depreciation Fund (Sinking Fund) Method, Insurance Policy Method, Annuity Method, Diminishing Balance Method (Reducing Balance Method), Sum of Years’ Digits Method, Double Declining Balance Method, Depletion Method, Machine Hour Rate Method (Service Hours Method), Group Depreciation Method, Inventory System of Depreciation.

cs course details after 12th

here we can discuss cs course details after 12th.

Three stages

For intermediate students ( after 12th) , CS course contains 3 levels are Foundation Programme, Executive Programme, Professional Programme.

cs foundation Programme is entry level examination into company secretary course


10+2 pass or equivalent students of Arts, Science or Commerce stream (Excluding Fine Arts)

Admission to CS course is open throughout the year.

Examinations and held twice a year in June and December.

cut-off dates –

31st March for appearing in December Examination in the same year & 30th September for June Examination next year.

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cs foundation syllabus

CS Foundation syllabus comprise of four papers.

1: Business Environment And Law

2: Business Management, Ethics & Entrepreneurship

3: Business Economics

4: Fundamentals Of Accounting And Auditing

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cs foundation registration

The following soft copy documents are required for cs foundation registration

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