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Fibonacci series in C language


Here we written code for print Fibonacci series with output.

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Task: Write a C program to generate the given range of terms of Fibonacci series.
For example user entered 7 & 10 then output will be : 8 13 21 34

Write a C program to generate the first n terms of Fibonacci series.

void main()
  int f,s,t,n,i; //’f’ is 1st num,’s’ is 2nd num,’t’ for 3rd new generated num, ‘n’ is no.of terms, ‘i’ is for iteratons.

  printf(“Enter a value : “);
  scanf(“%d”,&n); // Read the number terms to print from the series.

    printf(“Please enter a valid number\n”);
  printf(“The FIBONACCI Series is :\n%d”,f);
    t=f+s;//By adding of preceding numbers next numbers will generate in Fibonacci series.

    s=t;//Shifting the last two terms of series to ‘f’ & ‘s’ for generating next number in the series.

i) Enter a value : 16
The FIBONACCI Series is :
0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610

ii) Enter a value : 0
Please enter a valid number

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