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icitss course details

Find out icitss course details and mock Tests for preparation of icitss course

1. E Learning
a. Computer Fundamental
b. Operating System
c. CBS

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2. MS – Word
a. Introduction to MS‐Word
b. Tables handling
c. Use of Templates and Version Control
d. Creating Macros

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3. MS – Excel
a. Introduction to MS‐Excel
b. Cell Referencing, Ranges and Functions
c. Working with Worksheet, Charts, Macros and Hyperlinks
d. Consolidation of Data & Data Analysis
e. Data Validation & Protection
f. PivotTable Reports & PivotChart Reports
g. Importing/Exporting data
h. Multi‐Dimensional Analysis of data
i. Dashboard Reporting using MS ‐ Excel

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4. MS – PowerPoint
a. Introduction to MS Power Point

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5. MS ‐ Access
a. Introduction to MS ‐ Access
b. Working with Table and Forms
c. Working with Queries and Reports

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a. Introduction to CAAT
b. Data Analysis and Audit Techniques
c. Data Analysis Using IDEA
d. Advanced Analytics using IDEA

7. Accounting Package
a. Principal of Accounting
b. Introduction to Tally.ERP 9
c. Voucher Entry in Tally.ERP 9
d. Generating Reports In Tally.ERP 9
e. Financial Analysis Tools In Tally.ERP 9
f. E‐filing Process