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Fahrenheit to Celsius in C


Here we written code for to check given number is Fahrenheit to Celsius.

For improvement of your coding skills we give some tasks along this. If you solve this tasks and send to our email (onlineexamshubteam@gmail.com) with your details. we will display your details(like Name, City, college, photo) in our site.

Task : Write a c program to convert Miles to Kilometers.

Write a C Program to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius.

int main()
   float C,F; // ‘C’ for Celsius,’F’ for Fahrenheit
   printf(“Enter Fahrenheit temperature : “);
   scanf(“%f”,&F); //Reading Fahrenheit temperature
   C=(5/9.0)*(F-32); //Converting Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius by predefined formula.
   printf(“Celsius temperature is : %.2f”,C);
   return 0;

i) Enter Fahrenheit temperature : 60
Celsius temperature is : 15.56
ii) Enter Fahrenheit temperature : 32
Celsius temperature is : 0.00

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