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eKVIJ provides MCQ’s for preparation of Business communication in CSEET.

Mock tests of CSEET Business Communication are useful for preparation of CSEET exams conducted by ICSI.

Business communication is the transmission of information among people within organization for the organization’s commercial benefit.

Business communication also involves the ways.

Company uses to share information for the promotion of its services or products to their consumers.

Business communication aim : promotion of products and
services and increasing sales and profits for a business, where the message can be conveyed through various channels of mass media or even personally.

business communication in 2 ways: Internal communication and External communication

Topics in Business Communication are Essential of good English, Communication and Business Correspondence.

CSEET Business Communication MCQ’s.

Essential of good English

eKVIJ provides Mock tests in Essential of good English, CSEET Business Communication.

Question :1

Identify ‘Synonyms’ from the following pair of words?

  1. Thick-Thin
  2. Persecute-Prosecute
  3. Affliction-Sorrow
  4. None of above

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How to Prepare for CSEET

Mock test as Performance Booster : In order to improve performance in CSEET, eKVIJ introduce unique and innovative concept of Mock Test of CSEET so that the candidates can know their preparation level for CSEET, have broad idea regarding the structure of CSEET and improve their performance.


To test the knowledge of the candidates pertaining to essentials of English Grammar and critical aspects of Business Communication.

Total marks: 50

Essentials of Good English : 20 Marks

Communication : 15 Marks

Business Correspondence : 10 Marks

Common Business Terminologies :5 Marks

Essentials of Good English topics:

English Grammar and its usage-Noun,
Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs,
Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjection,
Voice, Articles, Tenses, Prefix and Suffix,
Punctuations etc.
 Enriching Vocabulary-Choice of words,
Synonyms and Antonyms
 Common errors in English
 Words with multiple meaning
 One word substitution
 Words frequently mis-spelt
 Homophones
 Idioms and phrases
 Proverbs
 Abbreviations
 Para jumbles
 Sentence completion
 Sentence arrangement
 Sentence correction
 Foreign words and phrases commonly
 Comprehension of passage and art of


Concept of Communication, Meaning and
Significance of Good Communication
 Business Communication- Principles and
 Means of Communication- Written, Oral,Visual, Audiovisual
 Choice of Modes of Communication
 Communication Networks- Vertical,
Circuit, Chain, Wheel, Star
 Commonly used Mediums of Digital
Communication- Email, SMS, Voice mail,
Multimedia, Teleconferencing, Mobile
Phone Conversation, Video Conferencing
 Listening Skills-Types, Purpose, Steps to
Effective Listening, Barriers to Effective
Listening and Ways to overcome the
 Barriers to Effective Communication and
Ways to overcome the Barriers


Business Correspondence

Business Letters- Its Essentials, Parts,
Types, Salutations
 Positive Messages, Negative Messages and
Persuasive Messages
 Business Reports, Inter and Intradepartmental Communication- Office
Orders, Office Circulars, Memorandum,
Office Notes, Management Information
System (MIS)
 Concept of Web, Internet and Ecorrespondence
 Intranet- Benefit and Purpose
 Email- Features, Procedure to Write a
Formal Email, Email Etiquettes
 Essential Elements of Email- Subject line,
Formal Greeting, Target Audience
(Reader), Clarity and Conciseness, Formal
Closing, Proof reading, Feedback
 Advantages and Disadvantages of Email

Common Business Terminologies

Terms defined under various Laws, Rules
and Regulations including Financial and
Non-Financial terms and expressions.