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cma foundation subjects

CMA foundation subjects are 

Paper-1 Fundamentals of Economics and Management 

Paper-2 Fundamentals of Accounting 

Paper-3 Fundamentals of Laws and Ethics 

Paper-4 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics and Statistics

CMA Foundation MCQ

CMA Foundation MCQ’s are very useful for self assessment practice.

Subject and chapter wise for preparation of CMA Foundation exams.

CMA Foundation-Fundamentals of Accounting

Click here for Mock tests in Fundamentals of Accounting  in CMA Foundation.

CMA Foundation-Fundamentals of Economics

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CMA Foundation – Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

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CMA Foundation – Statistics

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CMA Foundation – Fundamentals of Laws

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Fundamentals of Economics and Management

Syllabus Structure of Fundamentals of Economics and Management              100 marks
A Fundamentals of Economics                50 marks
B Fundamentals of Management           50 Marks
Fundamentals of Economics
Fundamentals of Economics contain  1. Basic concepts of Economics 2. Forms of Market 3.Money and Banking.
Fundamentals of Management
Fundamentals of Management  contain Management Process

Basic Concepts of Economics

Basic Concepts of Economics – Micro & Macro Economics

(a) The Fundamentals of Economics

(b) Utility, Wealth, Production

(c) Theory of Demand (meaning, determinants of demand, law of demand, elasticity of demand- price, income and cross elasticity) and Supply (meaning, determinants, law of supply and elasticity of supply)

(d) Equilibrium

(e) Theory of Production (meaning, factors, laws of production- law of variable proportion, laws of returns to scale)

(f) Cost of Production (concept of costs, short-run and long-run costs, average and marginal costs, total, fixed and variable costs)

Forms of Market

Pricing strategies in various forms of markets

Money and Banking

(a) Definition of Money, Types, Features and Functions

(b) Definition, functions, utility, principles of Banking

(c) Commercial Banks, Central Bank

(d) Measures of credit control and Money Market

Management Process

(a) Introduction, planning, organizing, staffing, leading, control, communication, co-ordination (b) Concept of Power, Authority, Delegation of Authority, Responsibility, Accountability

(c) Leadership & Motivation – Concept & Theories

(d) Decision-making – types of decisions, decision-making process.

Fundamentals Of Accounting  

Fundamentals Of Accounting contain 

A Fundamentals of Financial Accounting   80 Marks

B Fundamentals of Cost Accounting         20 Marks

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting  contain

1.Accounting Fundamentals                35 marks.

2. Accounting for Special Transactions  20 marks

3. Preparation of Final Accounts           25 marks

Fundamentals of Cost Accounting 

Fundamentals of Cost Accounting  contain 

1.Meaning, Definition, Significance of Cost Accounting, its relationship with Financial Accounting & Management Accounting

2. Classification of Costs

3. Format of Cost Sheet

Fundamentals Of Laws And Ethics





Fundamentals Of Business Mathematics And Statistics



The Foundation Examination for CMA will consist of multiple choice questions (MCQ) and will be conducted in online mode.

There will be no negative marking for wrong answers.