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C Program to Find Largest and Smallest Number in an Array

Write a C program to find both the largest and smallest number in a list of integers.

To solve the above problem we need an array to store list of integers, then we take two variables large and small to store the largest and smallest numbers. Afterthat we compare the array elements with the large and small numbers we get the result output. Following is the code

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    int i,n,small,large;
    int a[100];
    printf("Enter number of elements: ");
    printf("Enter elements on array:\n");
    printf("Smallest number is: %d\n",small);
    printf("Largest number is: %d",large);
    return 0;

Output :

Enter number of elements: 6

Enter elements on array:

85           63           154         523         62           102

Smallest number is: 62

Largest number is: 523

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