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C Language Basics

Write a C program that accepts 4 integers p, q, r, s from the user where r and s are positive and p is even. If q is greater than r and s is greater than p and if the sum of r and s is greater than the sum of p and q print “Correct values”, otherwise print “Wrong values”.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
   int p, q, r, s;

   printf(“Input the first integer: “);

   scanf(“%d”, &p);

   printf(“Input the second integer: “);

   scanf(“%d”, &q);

   printf(“Input the third integer: “);

   scanf(“%d”, &r);

   printf(“Input the fourth integer: “);

   scanf(“%d”, &s);

   if((r>0) && (s>0) && (p%2==0) && (q>r) && (s>p) && ((r+s)>(p+q))


      printf(“Correct values\n”);




      printf(“Wrong values\n”);


   return 0;



Input the first integer: 25

Input the second integer: 35

Input the third integer: 15

Input the fourth integer: 46

Wrong values