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Armstrong Number or Not in C


Here we written code to check whether the given number is Armstrong or not.

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Task: Write a C program to generate Armstrong numbers from ‘m’ to ‘n’ natural numbers. For example user entered 250 & 500 then output will be : 370 371 407

Write a C Program to Find whether the given number Armstrong or not.

int digi(long int);
int main()
long int n,s=0;
int a,t,d; //’n’ for user defined integer,’s’ for store resultant ,’t’ for temporary, ‘a’ for calculations.
printf(“Enter a value : “);
scanf(“%ld”,&n); // Read the number.
d=digi(n); //Returns No.of digits in given integer.
while(t>0) //If entered number is greater than zero then only loop will execute
a=t%10; //pick last digit from temporary variable.
s=s+pow(a,d); //adding cube ‘a’ to ‘s’.
t=t/10; //removing last digit from ‘t’
printf(“Given number is Armstrong\n”);
printf(“Given number is not Armstrong\n”);
return 0;
int digi(long int t)
int dig=0;
return dig;

i) Enter a value : 153
Given number is Armstrong.

ii) Enter a value : 516
Given number is not Armstrong.

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