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5+3+3+4 structure


The draft National Education Policy (NEP) committee in June recommended the 5-3-3-4 design comprising five years of foundation stage (three years of pre-primary school and classes one and two), three years of preparatory stage (classes three to five), three years of middle stage (classes six to eight), and four years of secondary stage (classes 9 to 12).

The committee proposed the new structure on the lines of an international school-based evaluation process, which assesses a student on the basis of their class-based performance.

The committee noted that the current board examinations forced a student to concentrate only on a few subjects without providing scope to learn in a formative manner, which ultimately causes stress among students.

“To track students’ progress throughout their school experience, the draft policy proposes State Census Examinations in classes three, five and eight. Further, it recommends restructuring the board examinations to test only core concepts, skills and higher order capacities. These board examinations will be on a range of subjects. The students can choose their subjects, and the semester when they want to take these board exams. The school final examinations may be replaced by these board examinations,” the committee recommended.

The modernization of Higher Education system is under consideration and the ministry has proposed to set up a National Education Regulatory Authority (NHERA). “The setting up of independent regulatory authority by reducing the functions of too many regulators will help the colleges and varsities to take independent decisions. The independent authority will help to limit the role of AICTE, Bar Council of India, and University Grants Commission (UGC),” the official commented.


The committee also recommends setting up higher education institutions through a Higher Education Institution Charter from NHERA, limiting the role of Parliament or state legislature. “The newly constituted higher educational institutions must receive accredition as mandated by NHERA within five years of being established,” the committee proposed.


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